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Dog Grooming In Flower Mound and Why Is It Important


Until your fur baby looks scruffy, you may assume they don’t need grooming. Take comfort in knowing that professional dog grooming in Flower Mound can maintain the appearance and health of your companion.

At ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville, we groom dogs and are well-equipped to take care of pets of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Here are some things that make our dog grooming services so important.


No More Undetected Abnormalities

Actions like checking your pet’s teeth, ears, and eyes can reduce your trips to the veterinarians. Checking their entire body uncovers any suspicious bumps or lumps hidden under their coat.

Similarly, when cleaning the teeth, our groomers can discover problems like sore gums, bad breath, or bleeding gums. Skin abnormalities like ticks, fleas, and dry patches can be detected during routine grooming sessions, too. 

Control Matting and Discomfort

During the shedding period, there’s tangling and matting of loose pet hair. Without regular brushing, the problem worsens and may lead to sore patches on the skin.

Since your pet can’t tell you where it hurts, you can trust our dog groomers in Flower Mound to give a once-over to their entire body. Regular brushing also helps to remove dead hair, dandruff, and debris. It brings out the natural oils in your pet’s fur and gives their coat a healthy sheen.

Improve Home Hygiene

Dog grooming also helps with the hygiene and sanitation of your house. The more you brush your pet’s hair; the less hair and dander you’ll find on your couch, bed, or carpet. Timely bathing and grooming also reduce the chances of flaring up any allergies in you or your family.

Dog Grooming in Flower Mound Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Your pet feels better when they are clean. Some infections may go undetected unless you pay close attention, too. For example, hair in their ears can lead to ear mites or infections without regular grooming. Long nails can cause arthritis or bone deformations. But, you can avoid all these problems by working with us.

At ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville, we tend to the needs of your pet with proper grooming. If we detect any abnormality or infection, we also have a veterinarian on hand to help. Click here to book an appointment and let us pamper your fur baby.


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