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Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life for your pets. With an array of pet foods available on the market, choosing the right one for your cat or dog can be overwhelming. Our pet nutritional counseling services at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville are designed to break down pet nutrition to the basics so your pet receives the balanced diet they need for a long and healthy life.

Our Pet Nutritional Counseling

Selecting the right pet food is crucial, but there are a lot of options out there. Our veterinarians and team stay informed about the latest in pet nutrition science and can guide you through choosing the best commercial pet foods, understanding pet food labels, and even advising on homemade diets to ensure they are nutritionally complete and balanced. Our commitment to your pet’s health doesn’t end with a diet plan. We offer ongoing support and education to help you understand the impact of nutrition on your pet’s health, how to make informed pet food choices, and tips for feeding routines that promote optimal health.

Complete & Easy Nutrition Plans

Every pet is unique, with their own set of dietary needs influenced by age, breed, health status, and lifestyle. Our pet nutrition consultation process begins with a thorough assessment of your pet’s health to identify any specific nutritional requirements or restrictions.

Weight Management

Obesity is a growing concern in pets, leading to various health issues such as diabetes, joint pain, and heart disease. Underweight pets face their own set of challenges, including malnutrition and weakened immune systems. Our ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville offers specialized pet weight management programs, including diet plans and exercise recommendations to help your pet reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Age and Breed Specific Diets

Puppies and kittens, adult pets, and seniors have distinct nutritional requirements. For instance, younger pets need diets rich in proteins and fats to support their growth, while older pets may benefit from lower-calorie diets to maintain a healthy weight. Similarly, certain breeds have specific dietary needs based on common health issues or physical attributes. Our veterinary team provides expert guidance on selecting the right pet food that caters to these life stages and breed-specific needs.

Specialized Diets for Health Conditions

Pets with health conditions such as allergies, kidney disease, or gastrointestinal issues may require specialized diets. Our pet nutritional counseling includes recommendations for therapeutic diets designed to manage these conditions effectively.

Pet Nutrition Counseling in ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville

Whether you’re concerned about your pet’s weight, looking for advice on the best food options for their stage of life, or managing a health condition with diet, ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville is here to provide expert guidance with pet nutritional counseling in Lewisville. Our goal is to empower pet owners with the knowledge and resources to make the best dietary choices for their pets. Reach out to us today for more information or to book an appointment.


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