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3 Things You Need to Know About Pet Dental Care in Lewisville


Does your dog drool excessively or drop food while they are eating? Or does your cat’s foul-smelling breath make cuddle time nearly unbearable? If you answered “yes,” your pet could be suffering from periodontal disease. Extremely common in companion animals, periodontal disease can cause a wide range of symptoms and affect your pet’s entire body. 

If it’s been a while since your pet has seen the dentist or you’re not sure why this type of care is so important, keep reading to discover a few things you should know about pet dental care in Lewisville. 



Dental Problems Start Early

Most dogs and cats have some degree of dental problems by the time they’re just three years old. As disease begins to take hold, your pet may have bad breath, red and/or swollen gums, or yellow tartar on their teeth. 

Detecting periodontal disease and beginning treatment early can save your pet from a lifetime of discomfort and pain. It can even extend their life. 

Anesthesia Is Used to Make Dental Care Less Stressful

Dental care is typically performed while your dog or cat is under anesthesia. This is less stressful for your pet and safer for them and our team. It also allows us to take clear X-rays and do a more thorough job of cleaning. 

Professional Dental Care Is Essential

Cleaning your pet’s teeth at home is important. However, it isn’t a comprehensive solution to your dog or cat’s oral care needs. It’s vital to bring your companion in for professional dental care to ensure that plaque is removed both above and below the gumline. When plaque isn’t removed from below the gum line, it can lead to serious infections, tooth loss, and even systemic disease. 

Pet Dental Care in Lewisville

Receiving appropriate dental care can protect your pet from pain and help them live a long, happy life. For pet dental care in Lewisville, trust the experts right here at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville. Call now to find out more or to schedule your pet’s appointment. 


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