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3 Pet Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season


The holiday season is a fun and festive time of the year for the entire family. However, the celebrations can quickly turn to tragedy for your dog or cat if you are not careful. Holiday meals, visitors, and even decorations can put your pet’s safety at risk, and in the chaos of the holidays, accidents are very prevalent. 

Recognizing the potential hazards is the best way to protect your furry friend and avoid an unforeseen trip to a vet in Flower Mound this Christmas. Read on to see some of the most commonly encountered holiday dangers for pets. 



Christmas Tree Decorations

Tinsel and tree trims aren't toxic, but they are still dangerous - especially for your feline family members. These shining, dangling decorations are too hard to resist for many animals. Tinsel, if consumed, can cause serious internal damage and need to be removed surgically. And your gorgeous glass ornaments may shatter into a million razor-sharp fragments and cause serious injuries if pulled off the Christmas tree. 

Lights and Candles

Flickering candles and twinkling lights are just as hazardous to your fur baby as ornaments and tinsel. If you have a dog or cat who loves to chew, strings of lights can pose a life-threatening risk. If you plan on using candles this Christmas, make sure they’re in spots where your cat or dog can not access them. Remember that the ingredients found in some types of scented candles might be hazardous for companion animals to inhale, also. 

Festive Foods

A few of your favorite foods to indulge in during the holidays may be dangerous to cats and dogs. While your feline friend or canine companion may like them, you shouldn't give them fat trimmings or bones. You should also avoid giving your pet chocolate, nuts, grapes, raisins, and even foods that contain onions. It is normal to want to share some of your holiday feast with your beloved pet, but to avoid needing to make a visit to a trusted Flower Mound vet, it’s smart to stick to your pet's normal food and treats. 

When to Take Your Pet to a Vet in Flower Mound

If your precious pet has swallowed something they shouldn’t have or suffered a serious injury, take them to see their Flower Mound vet as soon as possible. ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville is here to lend a hand if your cat or dog needs to visit a veterinarian in Flower Mound this holiday season (or any other time!). Reach out to us today to make an appointment. 


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