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May Is Chip Your Pet Month: Everything You Need to Know About Microchipping in Lewisville


May is Chip Your Pet Month, and it's a great opportunity to educate yourself on the importance of microchipping. The American Humane Society estimates that approximately one-third of companion animals will get lost or be stolen during their lifetime. Sadly, very few will ever find their way back home. 

Doors and fences help keep pets safely at home, but no household is immune to accidents. Chipping your dog or cat is the best way of being reunited with if they're ever lost or stolen. The skilled vets at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville provide fast and easy microchipping in Lewisville and are here to help you protect your pet. Keep scrolling to learn more about having your pet microchipped. 

How Are Dogs And Cats Microchipped?

Microchipping is a simple process that causes only minor discomfort. The chip - which is roughly the same size as a grain of rice - is typically placed between the shoulder blades. A syringe is used to quickly inject the microchip, so anesthesia is not necessary. It takes just a few moments and no recovery time is needed. 

These chips are safe and don't store your personal information. Every microchip has a unique identification number that is connected to an online account that contains your personal info. If you move or get a new phone number, you can quickly update your information online.

Microchipping Benefits

Microchipping your furry family member greatly increases the probability of being able to locate them if they ever disappear. If your dog or cat is brought to a veterinary hospital or animal shelter, a scanner will be used to search for a chip. As long as the information stored in your account is accurate, you will be contacted. 

Contact Us Today for Microchipping in Lewisville

Having your four-legged best friend microchipped takes just seconds, and it greatly boosts your chances of locating your pet should they ever wander off. The choice is yours to make, but here at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville, we strongly recommend microchipping in Lewisville for all of our patients. Reach out to us today to find out more or make an appointment. 


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