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A Few Things You Should Know About Pet Dental Care Near Lantana


When eating, does your dog slobber a lot or spill food? Or is cuddling with your cat almost intolerably unpleasant due to its offensive breath? Your pet could have periodontal disease if you said "yes" to either of these questions. Periodontal disease, which is quite prevalent among companion animals, can result in a broad variety of symptoms and have an impact on your pet's overall body.

Keep reading to learn a few facts about pet dental care near Lantana if it's been a while since your pet last saw the dentist or if you're unsure of why this kind of treatment is so critical.



Dental Issues Emerge Early

By the time they reach the age of three, the majority of dogs and cats already have some kind of dental issues. Your pet can have bad breath, red and/or swollen gums, or yellow tartar on their teeth as the condition starts to spread.

Early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease can spare your pet from a lifetime of suffering. It could even make them live longer.

We Use Anesthesia to Make Dental Care Less Stressful

Your dog or cat will typically receive dental treatment while being sedated. Your pet will experience less stress, and both our staff and them will be safer. Additionally, it enables us to perform more comprehensive cleaning and obtain clear X-rays.

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

It's crucial to brush your pet's teeth at home. It does not, however, address all of your dog or cat's dental care requirements. To ensure that plaque is eliminated from both above and below the gumline, it is essential to bring your partner in for expert dental treatment. Plaque below the gum line should be cleaned regularly to prevent major infections, tooth loss, and even systemic illness.

Pet Dental Care Near Lantana

Receiving the right dental treatment may keep your pet pain-free and help them live a long, fulfilling life. Trust the professionals at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville for pet dental care near Lantana. Call right now to learn more or to set up an appointment for your pet.


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