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Get Results with Pet Diagnostic Testing

At ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville, we prioritize the health and well-being of your pets through our comprehensive in-house diagnostic services. Understanding the need for prompt and accurate diagnostic information, we are equipped with advanced technology to perform a wide range of tests for both cats and dogs right within our clinic. This ability ensures that critical health decisions can be made swiftly and treatments can commence without delay.

Advanced Pet Diagnostics

ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville offers a variety of pet diagnostic tests to help identify and manage pet health issues efficiently. These include:
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): This fundamental pet blood test provides detailed information about the red and white blood cells and platelets, helping to detect conditions like anemia, infections, and clotting disorders.

  • Senior Pet Blood Panel: Meant for older pets, this comprehensive test evaluates organ function, including the liver, kidneys, and thyroid, to catch age-related diseases early.

  • Fecal Test: This is a critical test for detecting parasites that could be affecting your pet’s gastrointestinal health. Regular pet fecal tests help prevent the spread of parasites to humans and other pets.

  • Urinalysis: This test provides insights into your pet’s kidney and bladder health and can also help diagnose urinary tract infections and diabetes.

  • Heartworm Test: This is an essential test for dogs and sometimes cats to check for heartworm disease, which can be fatal if left untreated.
Depending on your pet’s symptoms or the preventive care schedule, we may also perform other pet diagnostics, such as biochemistry panels, electrolyte tests, and specific disease screenings. If your pet needs any diagnostics, contact us to find out if we can perform your pet’s testing in-house!

Advanced Pet Diagnostics

Having in-house pet diagnostic testing at ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville means that our veterinarians can obtain results much faster than if samples were sent to an external lab. This speed can be critical in emergency situations or when rapid diagnosis is required to start treatment. Having the ability to perform a wide array of pet diagnostic tests on-site means we can offer more comprehensive care during your pet’s visit. This capability allows us to assess your pet’s health thoroughly and make informed decisions about their care plan. For pets with chronic conditions, regular monitoring is essential. In-house pet diagnostics enable us to easily track the progression of your companion’s condition and adjust treatment plans as necessary. In-house pet lab work also provides convenience for pet owners, eliminating the wait time associated with sending samples to an external lab. This immediate access to results offers peace of mind, knowing that any necessary treatments can begin promptly.

Specialist Testing

While our in-house pet diagnostics cover a broad spectrum of tests, there may be instances where specialized testing is necessary to diagnose more complex conditions. In such cases, we partner with trusted outside labs to ensure your pet receives the most comprehensive evaluation possible. We will always communicate with you about the process, including any need to send tests to an external laboratory.

In-House Pet Diagnostics in ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville

At ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville, we are committed to the well-being of your pets. Our in-house diagnostics in Lewisville are a key component of our comprehensive approach to veterinary care. By offering advanced diagnostic services, we aim to ensure that your pets receive the prompt and effective treatment they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our in-house diagnostic services or make an appointment.



ABC Veterinary Clinic of Lewisville provides pet in-house diagnostics in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Hebron, Lantana, and the surrounding areas.

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